Concerning the placement of a star; also the author, the dork; and does anybody know Bruce Gordon´s phone number?

[SUBTITLE: The dorkiest move ever attempted by a grown man]

The tattoo plan is running in full gear. I´ve pretty much made up my mind, yes we´re getting one and it´s gotta be a blue, 8-pointed star because I happen to like blue, 8-pointed stars and dragons are so not my thing. I mean, everybody does dragons; tattoo-wise there are more dragons than pandas out in the world which kinda proves that one seminal point that not everybody´s a dragon-person but everyone loves pandas.
The penchant for a tattoo spread out on one´s back is something to be considered but not here. Exhibit A calls for being a man for chrissakes if you´re gonna go the very dumb & irresponsible way and get yourself a tattoo in the end, heck, bottom line is at least I wanna see face-front the crazy thing I´ve just done. I have thought of the front of my left shoulder, which kinda led to the following dialogue:

ME: “I´ve been thinking about getting a tattoo.”
ROOM-MATE #1: “Yeah? What are you getting?”
ME: “A blue, 8-pointed star.”
RM#1: “That´s a girl´s tattoo you know.”
ME: “It´s not.”
RM#2: “Oh it sooo is a girl´s tattoo. Like those ones the girls get on the front part of their shoulders or something.”
RM#1: “Damn true. [Girl´s name] upstairs got this huge blue, 8-pointed star on her back.”
ME: “Is she hot?”
RM#2: “Oh she´s very hot! And where are you going to…?”
ME (cutting right in), “…I´ve been thinking of a lightning bolt as well.”
RM#1: “A lightning bolt´s pretty cool…”
RM#2: “Like the Flash´s logo? With the white circle behind?”
ME: “Naww. More like a wide, flat-topped Art-Deco yellow bolt, sans circle, like Captain Marvel´s.”
RM#1: “Who?”
ME: “Shazam.”
RM#2: “…The genie with the flying camel?”

A blue, 8-pointed tattoo is a symbol of deep personal significance to me and I´m not letting it go. I must, though, put some very hard-thinking in the possibility of something dark and gloomy rooted in the collective subconscious of mankind which is a blue, 8-pointed star being a girl´s tattoo and apparently I´m the only person in the free world not aware of it. So there.

Still, the thought of a tattoo (regardless of the imagery) does not come off that easily and neither does the tattoo itself. As a very bright person I have, of course, devised a very bright plan so the whole thing´s foolproof:
I would keep on my left shoulder the sketch of a star done with a permanent marker, only re-touching it every two days or so, just so I´d get the feeling of having a picture etched in my skin for well, a pretty long time.
Genius, eh?

Not quite. As it goes a permanent marker, one would reason, was hardly developed for such a use and after say ten or twenty minutes into the foray I noticed the paint had all come off in my t-shirt, oh, me sweet beloved yellow t-shirt I loved you so very much and have sacrificed you in my vain pursuit for a girl´s tattoo…
Dorkiest thing ever or what! We´re going for the world-record here, people!

God damn it.
Guys in prison are getting tattoos all the time, it just can´t be that tough…
The same thing could be said of anal intercourse in jail, though, and I think I´m pretty sure the tattoo´s as far as I go in that aspect.

- - - - -

Blue, 8-pointed stars aside there´s some other cool stuff up in the sky. There´s a full solar eclipse coming up on March 29th in the Southern Hemisphere and from what I hear people down in Brazil will get a nice view of if.
Paging Dr. Bruce Gordon, paging Dr. Bruce Gordon… Bruce, buddy, no matter what you do stay away from crazy islands in the South Pacific. Unless you´re there for a Midnight Oil concert. “Huuullo Diablo Island!”
I love Midnight Oil but I just don´t see Eclipso getting involved in aboriginal causes in Australia.

Uh. Eclipso is an obscure 1960s comics character. He´s like this would-be world conquering super-villain entity who takes up residence in the unwitting body of Dr. Bruce Gordon, solar physicist, his arch-enemy. The cover gimmick was, “Eclipso- hero and villain- in one man!”
Just so that you know.

- - - - -

And for the record, "I´ve never seen you look like this without a reason...", et. al.
It was on the radio a few minutes ago!