Introspective (redux)

It happened a few years ago and we were all different people back then. I was probably a little more sociable, didn´t really eschew the sun, had more friends, had people coming over.
I was at my parents´ for a week or two, on leave from work, god knows about College (he never did), was recovering from some minor surgery. I´m sure I was in a relationship back then though it´s a bit unclear whether we were on one of those infamous downtimes of ours. We were so often apart it´s a miracle we were ever together in the first place, but what the hell I´m veering way off that particular topic right now. Issues still linger basking the afterglow of the atomic war, sheltered in lead against the nuclear winter outside. Fallout. But I digress.

I had this friend coming over to pay me a visit. It´s not like I was going to die nor anything but she was kind enough to bring some chocolate and dominoes. We had something going between us from some years starting straight where High School left off. I don´t know exactly what. Way much more than a best friend but a whole planetary system less than a girlfriend. Damn cute girl though, terrific smile.
Why on Earth she brought dominoes I´ll never know. It´s a mystery to this day and I guess I should call her up at least to ask her about it but I figure she´s probably still a bit cranky at me for not returning any of her calls last year. Last year was not a very good year for me, I was not in the mood for well, people in general. Anyway, she dates a lot and stuff.
Funny thing was, both of us were lying on my bed (I couldn´t sit down because of the surgery) and she was trying her best to get me to play a game of dominoes, I was trying my best to make out with her. Then she leaped to the armchair beside the bed, which swiveled on its base, and I kept daring her to take off her shirt. Or was it a tank top? She always looked great in tank tops. And if the phone hadn´t rung she would´ve taken it off and… But the phone rang, the phone always rings. The phone never rings.

How long ago, then slingshot forward to say five years later and this is the future, we have landed in the future and it´s half-bleak. My father says I´m a right-wing technocrat, which has nothing to do with this post but has just slipped back in from the back of my head.

I probably shouldn´t have posted this one, anyway. It was spared from the shift + del oblivion solely because we got the “spontaneous prose” thing going again!