Odds & ends, assorted

(Going for a hat trick today; boy are we prolific)

1- Have resumed weightlifting yesterday, now that my roommate has brought home a s***load of weights and dumbbells and barbells and etc.
Reading this, one´ll think of me as an athlete. Funny.

2– Went to the bookstore last evening to pick up a Justice League comic book I´d ordered, then went looking for that It´s Superman! novel by some De Haven fellow. Ended up stumbling upon a book by Bret Easton Ellis (who wrote American Psycho) but it wasn´t Less Than Zero and I´ve been half-assedly looking for Less Than Zero for a few months now with no avail.
But then guy´s name starts with an E and so does Dave Egger´s, which kind of led me to A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, another book I´ve been half-assedly pursuing.
I´d read You Shall Know Our Velocity last year and wham!, great book and so was one of his McSweeney´s I found earlier this year (also by accident). So yep AHWOSG it was.
Would rather bring home a blond girl with short hair and big… a big heart, that´s what, but we´ll have to do with a book instead. Girls usually smell better, though.

3- Have been half-assedly looking for Down and Out in Paris & London by George Orwell. Yes, I do realize I could order those books in, but what´s the fun?
It is my deepest belief that one should never order a book. Comics, yes. Books, no. Either the book finds you or it doesn´t.

4- Oh yes. This is a good one. I was talking about my roommate and guy´s had some serious food poisoning last weekend so he´s all covered in red pustules from head to feet now. He´s got it so bad that he scratches himself wildly all through the night and even though I shouldn´t be laughing I can´t help myself. It´s SKRRSH SKRRSH SKRRSH all night long, fingernail on sore skin.