The “Dear Penthouse” post

There is an irreprehensible, relentless, amoral force of nature called Fate to which all mortals must bow at least once before passing to the Great Beyond.

To the Russians it happened back in 1908 in a region of Siberia called Tunguska when a fireball came out of nowhere and exploded high above the ground, totaling literally over two thousand square kilometers of the ground below.
No definitive explanation has been offered to this day, though most available scientific data point out to a meteor bursting in midair before landfall. Either way it was an Act of God.

To me it happened last week in the last day of my 10-day vacations at the doctor´s office, and even though it´s a tale far more amazing than Tunguska, I assure you it´s quite true nonetheless:

Okay. Picture this. Standing in line and waiting for my name to come up for a check-up, all drooling over the drop-dead gorgeous skinny redhead at the reception desk with the bikini marks crawling up her low-cut jeans. Then enters the really hot nurse.
Me, being a man, first thought that crosses my mind is, “Wouldn´t mind being examined by those chicks!”

As it turns out Yes!, hot nurse with the cleavage will carry out the examination.
“Come with me,” she says with a smile and boy am I smiling under my pants. “Now lie down on this table and take off your shirt.”
Now we´re talking, here´s me thinking. Now if only…

“I´ll have to shave your chest,” she smiles awkwardly while fiddling with the razor.
“No problem,” that´s what I say.
“Thank. You. Oh. Lord!,” that´s what I think. “Looking like a good, solid p*** movie to me so far.”

Then all of a sudden… and I kid you not, damnedest true story here… enters the cute redhead girl from the reception desk and asks if the hot nurse needs any assistance.
A conclusion is drawn right alongside there-is-a-god-after-all, which is: “Definitely a p*** movie!”

Now I´ll leave the rest of the story to the reader´s imagination.
…´Cuz those damn nurses left me to mine.

Straight from that Aesop guy, here´s the Moral to today´s post:
“Living halfway through a p*** movie is better than not having lived through a p*** movie at all!”