Back in High School, I used to send a daily e-mail to a select group of friends talking about the occurrences of that day in school, a few jokes thrown in, maybe some thoughts and quotes and stuff, a primeval blog.
Now, the year was 1997 and barely a year after Internet access began reaching a wider audience. We´re talking about a classroom of say, 40 upper to middle class kids and no more than five had Internet access at home. Most of them already had computers by then.

For 48 days, including weekends, the e-mails were sent. I made sure I got them all saved through the ages; I still have that file today.
Part of me half-half-half-wishes to save it for future reference; when the time is right I could write a book based on that stuff (it´s instant total-recall, trust me).
Part of me has never looked back.

Those were simpler times and everything was so beautiful.
Then we grew up & Life got in the way.