Soon to be a movie with Tom Hanks

True story:
So, one of my roommates is a member of this right-wing tough as nails Catholic cult which we´ll only identify as the O--- D-- here.
Guy´s as meek and submissive as all cult members must be in order to give in to brainwashing and all that crap. But anyway.

Trick´s he wants out. Says he´s seen enough of the thought police. He´s sick of the endless lists of forbidden books, TV shows, movies, songs and so on, and the crazy confessions and inquiries and anything shy of the medieval iron maiden.

Trick´s they don´t want him out. Fella from the O.D. calls home day and night, “where is he?”, “give me his work number” and etc, and never says who he is. Last Thursday I asked the poor geek about and he came out, he says he´s actually afraid they´re gonna round him up at home to take him back.
Serves him right, heh.

Me, I got a small role on this. I´m the comic relief to the Pope.
Next time O.D. fellow calls home all I´m saying is, “Oh no. He´s not home. Sorry. He went his weekly séance.”
Hopefully that will get him shot by those crazy cultists and then I´ll write a book about it. Maybe throw in some obscure Mona Lisa reference and I´m done...

Lesson for ya kids out there: Think twice before joining up with a cult; A rose is a rose is a rose, and a cult´s a scam´s a racket.

Religion is a deeply personal, thorny business.
Captain Kirk said it best in Stark Trek V: "Excuse me... Excuse me... I just wanted to ask a question. What does God need with a starship?"