Schrödinger´s Blog

Still basking in the lingering light of yesterday´s post a nagging question gnaws at my… my… keyboard-tapping fingers. Ah. Had the inspiration going for a second there. Goin´, goin´, gone.
Which sort of brings me back to the question at hand, How Long?

If there´s one thing I´ve discovered in my “vast” experience in blog-publishing (almost a week now) is that keeping the thing going is like Schrödinger´s cat under the author´s perspective: There´s the keyboard sitting still before the monitor screen, there´s the wise fool sitting still before the keyboard; the page per se is only a click away from the reader.
By all means, click then. There is a 50% chance of the radioactive nucleus decaying in one hour and a new post appearing before your eyes.

[SFX: The DECAY of a radioactive atom]

…Busted up my two knees playing paintball a couple of weeks ago, then went jogging immediately afterwards. Not the brightest idea I´ve ever had, by the way. Could not walk straight for the ensuing five days.
Had been jogging for about two months, ever since October. Well, not really true. Had been walking since October, then walking “really fast” since November, and had just begun jogging in December.
My future career in the Olympics, as you may conclude, was drastically cut short by my playing with g_u_n_s.
Well. Actually I was felled by a sharp rock half-buried in the ground, not by some water-soluble arsenal of liberty… which goes to show to all those left-wingers out there that it is more dangerous for the kids to play outside at all than to play outside with semi_automatics.

Will resume jogging-slash-walking really fast this evening after work if the raining subsides.
Without semi_automatics, though.