Re: Book review for week 52 (REDUX)

G´day... Next week´s book has been decided upon; since there wasn´t really anything interesting with Batman on it I decided to call off 10 Days as well. I know it doesn´t make much sense but that´s what I ended up doing anyway.

So I switched back to the old tried-and-true, time-tested method of "Bookstore Zen Navigation" which was mildly inspired by Douglas Adams´ works. The whole detailed process of BZN should make for a very interesting post later on, but here´s the basics:
First thing´s the budget, you gotta know how much you can spend in one outing, tops.
Second´s the roaming, which really isn´t very hard. You roam amidst the shelves, that´s all.
Then comes the tagging. You tag say, three or four books that would be your first choices. Then you automatically let them go.
Finally you must clear up your mind and choose a different book based solely on filling the blank on the following sentence: “Gee, I have no idea what this book´s about but I like its _________.”

Book I chose was, The Sheltering Sky (1949) from this guy called Paul Bowles, which and whom I know absolutely nothing about (technically not true but for the sake of this post let´s assume otherwise).
I chose the book for no specific reason other than, gee, I had no idea what that book´s about but I liked its title.

Also works for cover, the way the title is printed on its spine, overall color scheme, author with a funny name, et. al.

I swear to God that´s how I buy books. I was never the brightest kid back in school, and so on.