“Der Speer ist nun in Klingsors hand”

This just in. According to The Economist´s The World in 2006 edition, more than half the world population will live in urban areas this year.
Say goodbye to those long weekends that dragged on and on and on at a relative´s ranch when you were young and consequently bored beyond belief, incredulous to the very alleged connection between a sunny morning “outside” and not being able to watch GI Joe on TV.

I mean. God! Outside! What a vile word for urban people!

I live inside, for crying out loud!
I nestle among the torn-out, four-color yellowed pages from old DC comic books from the 1970s and breathe their cheap pulpy musty paper air. My suntan has always come from a 20” bluescreen despite mom wishing differently. Outside people played ballgames, I burned through the night playing Civilization on a 386 and wondering just how eerie the French national anthem sounded on PC speakers in those pre-Soundblaster days.

Superman could´ve ended the War in one afternoon. He didn´t. Hitler had in his possession the so-called “Spear of Destiny” (AKA the Spear of Longinus, AKA the Holy Lance from John 19:34), which he used to erect a mystical barrier around Nazi-occupied territory, thus preventing the American heroes from joining the fray.
Please keep that in mind when considering the post-Industrial Revolution trend of, for the lack of a better term, going to town.

I can barely balance my own checkbook. That is a fact. An attempt to discuss the issue at hand in a mature, even technical way would most certainly prove a) futile and b) way out of of my depth. This is a shallow, hollow blog after all. And I´m a shallow, hollow person.

For the sake of every kid in the world being threatened with spending a weekend at the country and away from their favorite cartoons, here´s my point:
Where is the Spear these days anyway? Absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Adolph & friends for sure, I´m all for Superman and the Justice League. Let´s do the opposite, then.

I hereby make public my wish of erecting a force-field around the urban areas, allowing people in but not out, especially kids bound for a boring weekend at the country with no TV.

"The Spear is now in Klingsor´s hand," says the Knight of the Grail in Wagner´s Parsifal… which you most certainly won´t be able to watch in a TV-less ranch, by the way.