A contribution to the study of organ grinders, interrupted

Stage fright. Logged to the funky website that keeps track of the traffic around here and for most days there were what? three or four persons coming over? About two of them actually work here and shouldn´t even have access to this thing, shouldn´t even acknowledge its existence in the first place but hey I was a bit careless and the thing did not go undisclosed… so now everybody´s welcome and I thank you for showing up oh kind sirs and ma´ams.

What I really wanted to talk about today was organ grinders, but the kind with the parrots not the monkeys. Monkeys are dirty and there´s no way in hell they mix well with the mall.
The shopping center is after all the one place I get to come upon organ grinders these days.
So kids whenever considering a new career in organ-grinding here´s my recommendation to you, ditch the monkey.
…Unless of course it´s one of those monkeys specifically trained to steal other people´s wallets like in the movies with the Mid-Eastern settings and the red hat things, whassisname… like Morocco Mole wears ´em… a fez, that´s right. So like in the movies with people wearing fezzes.
But I obviously digress as usual, for today´s post is not about organ grinders. It should be. It isn´t and all because of stage fright.

This Blog has received recent visitations from USA and Japan. To my new friends in the land of the Rising Sun- totally unexpected by the way- hey there!, welcome!, good to have you here, honest to god, love your “racequeen” p---star websites, really do. And samurai armors, those fancy kabuto things and whatnots. Oh yeah, and the Lone Wolf & Cub manga, especially the one in which the protagonist comes upon this weaponsmith and gets a really cool built-in medieval gatling-gun installed to his baby carriage… et. al.
As for the USA visitation, wow, MY HERO walks these hallowed grounds. Stage fright all the way, baby. I just can´t think of anything new or smart or… adequate enough to meet HER standards. Superman´s girlfriend Lois Lane has entered the building and all of a sudden I´m feeling like a fifteen-year old kid clad in naught but diapers in my first day in High School, the girl mercilessly reading between every single line of mine, I´m naked, I´m exposed, I´m good she´s better.

This should be a post about organ grinders, it´s a post about you (all).
Thanks for dropping by!