The “So I missed the U2 concert” post

Today´s topic would be about that fairly recent Batman enemy called Hush who´s a doctor and an old childhood buddy of Bruce Wayne and scares the crap out of me because every time I´m in my parents´ garage late at night I get this unnerving, ominous feeling that Hush´s gonna pop in as soon as I´m up in the elevator then place a bomb in the car´s ignition so my parents are blown to bits early in the morning when mom leaves for the supermarket. There´s an intrinsic, inside-the-closet beauty to being 26 and afraid of a comic book villain.
It´s either that or I´m 26 years due at the psychiatrist. But I digress as usual, for today is not Freudian Remembrance Day at the Blog. We should come up with another one of those, though.

Last night U2 came to town and did this huge gig. I could´ve been there but I don´t even like U2 that much, apart from say two or three of their most famous songs. But having watched the show on TV I must confess my envy at those who went, because wow! Some lighting and fireworks and stuff. I´m a sucker for fancy lighting effects, I´ll tell you that much.
You know, just like Kiss but without the Kabuki-Commando thing going on.
Next time we´re having a rock concert nearby, I´m there. Haven´t shouted real loud in a long while and it´s about time we´re back at… living life as human beings? Re-joining our fellow homo sapiens brethren? Oboy. Touch a nerve there again and I´ll punch you in the arm just below the shoulder where it hurts like hell and we called it a stun-gun blow when we were kids because of its alleged muscle-paralyzing effect. We also cut big dented crests on the back of our rulers with the pencil sharpener so we could hurt each other´s arms at grade school while on the bus home.

Having said all that I´m left with a few more minutes´ worth of nihilistic wisdom to spare. Or is it fatalistic wisdom? Were you to imbue a Philosophical bent to this Blog what would that be?
Would you be willing to herald me as the Avatar for the incoming collective Ubermensch-spirit of mankind?
Does that mean (strictly for the female readership) you´re willing to have drunken sex with me?

On a sidenote that book by Dave Eggers has just let me down. Not only Judd Winick makes a cameo but he actually becomes a supporting character for a whole chapter of the book!
(Guy´s a real-world comics writer who was in MTV´s Real World show in the mid-´90s. He currently writes Green Arrow, Batman and the Outsiders for DC Comics, and I really don´t like his stuff. Then how come all of a sudden he´s a character in this non-comics-related book I´m reading? Not fair!)

Memo to self: Leave a note to Hush about this guy Winick´s car. The other one belonged to my grandfather so I really wouldn´t enjoy seeing it go all U2-concert-like in dad´s garage.
I mean, to have Bono preaching to the firemen about world hunger once the place was in flames…