The “I`ve never seen you look like / This without a reason” post

I was jogging earlier this week under a scorching sun, it was 11:00 and all of a sudden I came upon something which I thought would make for a great post, which was basically a pun between the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism and Kraven the Hunter (that old Spider-Man foe from the 1960s).
Now, here´s the clipped version of that joke, which I´ve realized is just awful: The Noble Truths are all about that suffering is inherent to life itself because people crave stuff, so it´s no wonder Kraven the Hunter actually shot himself in the end with a name like that (!), et. al.
Lamest joke ever, I told you-- It was so much funnier when I thought it up, by the way.
This post is not, therefore, about Kraven the Hunter nor about the Buddha. It is a post about craving, though.

Without further ado, then:

1 . It´s so hot in here; this place does not have a working air-conditioner and I have to wear a tie, which is basically a. Clothing for clowns or B. Clothing for old people who must hide their beer bellies when trying to score with younger girls from the office.
I mean, really. Let´s look back at the one great grand lesson History´s taught us when it comes to tying stuff around one´s neck: Person loses control of one´s own sphincter and sh*ts himself, then dies. That said, cui bono? Who profits?? What is the advantage in wearing a tie???

2 . Internet access, e-mail and pretty much everything related to technology this side of electricity itself has been on the frizz for the last couple of days. It´s gonna be a miracle if I get this one posted.

3 . Still stuck with “I`ve never seen you look like / This without a reason / Another promise fallen through / Another season passes by you”; still unable to get to the chorus.
Been like that for a week now!!

4 . I´m currently bored beyond all belief and I **really** wish something different would happen for a change. I mean anything. In life. In here. Out of here. Now. Then. Tomorrow.
Will anybody in the audience get my cell phone to ring in the middle of the night only to tell me of anything new?!

- - - - - - -
On a completely unrelated sidenote, I´ve been thinking of getting a tattoo.