Barry Allen´s blues

The greatest story ever told is not the Bible. Neither it is that one from the early 1960s in which Superman splits into Superman-Red (wears red costume) and Superman-Blue (wears blue costume) and one of them marries Lana Lang and the other marries Lois Lane.
The best book you have ever read is not the one with the bit about the Mona Lisa and soon to be a movie with Tom Hanks (I hope so; damn airport literature´s everywhere these days!)

The food-court at the Shopping Center is the best place for people-watching. Get yourself something to eat and maybe a good book or a milkshake, sit down and open up your mind; the greatest story ever told is *their* story.
It´s a story told in clothing and body-language, the way girls smile to their boyfriends then turn gloomy and ghost-eyed once they´re off to pick up the food tray at the counter, it´s the way that old man in the blue suit & tie talks in his cell phone and you wonder just for a second whether he too is trying to reach Bhutan (the country), it´s how those old ladies never let go of the spoils from their recent shopping-spree in their plastic bags while eating greasy grilled cheeseburgers.
I love people-watching. Back in College they would frequently ask me if I was brooding; I was brooding a few times and up to a point and have the inclination to do so to this day & age but most of the time I was people-watching. I watched people in kindergarten, in grade school, High School, College, now at the office and will people-watch till the day I die.

The greatest story ever told- the greatest book you´ve ever read- it´s never about the plot otherwise Colleges everywhere would be pouring out papers on Jurassic Park or that book with the bit about the Mona Lisa (soon to be a movie with… et. al.). I mean, you can´t beat cloned dinosaurs, right? Thank god airport lit never gets their characters straight. It´s always about the character in a damn-the-plot kind of way.
Maybe it´s just me but I´m thinking back at random to say, ten or fifteen books I´ve read which I´ve enjoyed a lot and coming to think of them I´d only get the plot, what´s all about etc., by page 100 or something; that first push headway into a book is always made by the characters never by the story in itself.

Back at the food-court people-watching with the book and the shake- and I try to do this about once a month- everybody around you suddenly becomes a character, their lives and manners and there you are thinking, gee maybe somebody could write about all of them, I could write about them all, about each of them, there´s a book in everybody and maybe oh just maybe we´ll sell the rights to Hollywood and the one about the cute blonde girl two seats from me in the bus could become a summer blockbuster starring Jessica Alba? She´s hot.

People-watching is the closest thing I´ll ever get to being a serial killer choosing victims, I figure. No harm done there choosing characters though ´cause the book will inevitably end up in the large drawer underneath my bed despite the outcome.