Falling into Hell

Just for the record there should be a *law* against people getting out of your life. Friends lovers family even that weird Scottish neighbor from back in early ´00 who´d give those great parties and fill his place with emaciated junkies and girls in thick leather boots.
Guy kind of looked like John Lennon.

I also miss chatting with brainy girls in ponytails over cheap wine and playing stupid board games late at night while very drunk then everybody passing out in the living room till somebody said Anybody in the mood for pizza? and we were all out for pizza- the whole ensemble of lost souls- together- always for one last time- the perfect night- before the lost souls are found and the gig is shot, the kindred undone forever.

As sung by the Pogues in A Rainy Night in Soho, "We watched our friends grow up together / And we saw them as they fell / Some of them fell into Heaven / Some of them fell into Hell"