1. Went for a hat trick in fiddling with an ingrown toenail last night. Third time´s the charm & now my toe´s the size of Jupiter and all bleeding and sore and I´ve popped a zillion anti-inflammatory pills apparently to little effect.
Of course jogging probably doesn´t really help but I´m not stopping.
C´mon, an ingrown toenail´s a girl´s thing...

2. I really really really hope my workmates not prone to answering their own phones would all die bloody deaths maybe swallowed by lava or eaten by giant man-eating ants or spiders. I also hope they´re all sterile because I do not want my kids to live in a world populated by the kids of people not prone to answering their own phones.
Those pricks!

3. On that subject: Haven´t cracked a single joke about the proverbial planet ruled by spiders in a long while.
This is a thermometer for bad (worse) things to come.

4. Still on that subject: I think I don´t want to have kids anymore, how bad can that be? I mean, on the other hand I´m still kind of marveled at young parents with their toddlers at the mall every now and then. I think it´s pretty cool but strictly in a "there but for the grace of God" kind of way these days.
Come on, it *is* my call isn´t it?
If I were to have a child though I´d like to have a girl and I´d name her Svetlana.

5. Received a phone call yesterday that left me thinking. Ellipsis?

6. Won´t be able to see the March 29 solar eclipse from down here. That sucks big time.

7. On the slightly-brighter side of being s*domized by a syphilitic bear I have to do my taxes this weekend.
…Which is pretty much all I have to do this weekend with the possible exception of getting my hair cut, which is not saying much when it comes down to me, thanks for those genes dad.

8. I can´t for the life of me remember when Catwoman began wearing her traditional golden-age purple costume, the one with the skirt with the slit and the green cape. I think it was in 1946.
That kind of thing always makes me mad. For instance, the other day a friend of mine asked me if I knew who was the first super-villain Batman´d ever fought which is a given to most people that it´s Hugo Strange only it isn´t, it´s either the Monk (if you´re talking about a super-powered villain) or Dr. Death (just a gimmick-villain with a cornball name). Either way Dr. Death predates both the Monk and Hugo Strange.
By the way, Dr. Polaris (Green Lantern foe) pre-dates Magneto (X-Men foe) for about a year. In your face, Brody!!

The skies are usually lighter in Metropolis. Hence the one term usually associated with comic books, Escapism.