Four pages into the script for The Centurion v.2 #06...

For absolutely no reason whatsoever I sat down yesterday after lunch was through & I wrote a seven-page sequence for a Centurion story that, to be perfectly honest with you, should figure out there up ahead on #6 or #7, at halfway through the second story arc.
And no, I haven’t finished writing the first one yet…

So just for kicks, here’s the first four pages into that sequence.
Just please keep in mind I haven't corrected nor revised the text... and I haven't really thought it over, not really.
For instance, one might question Apache helicopters being used to cross the Atlantic Ocean, and I wholeheartedly second that. We'll leave it for the revision, alright?
As of now, it's just for fun.

“Faust & the Urfaust, pt. II: Refugees from the 20th Century

M*** C***
Full-script for XXXX pages.


Panel 01 & only
A large page-wide, panoramic panel sandwiched between two larger all-black sections, like a widescreen cinema shot.
Daylight. A bird’s eye-view of a flock of eight military helicopters flying just above sea level, escorting a massive cargo plane flying at the same low altitude; all of them leaving powerful ripples on the water below in their wake.
The cargo plane is an AC-130 (a gunship-converted C-130 Hercules), and its escort is comprised of four heavily-armed AH-64 Apaches, plus another four gunship-converted V-22 Ospreys. Note: If the portholes/windows from the AC-130 are visible in this shot (artist’s call) then they’re lit all-red from the inside.
And on the extreme foreground, as if very close to the reader & flying well above sea level, is a group of F-22 Raptor fighter jets, of which we can see maybe the nose of one of the plane, and the wingtip of another.

(no copy)


Panel 01
Shot from the same altitude of the aircraft; we can see the helicopters and airplane are almost skimming over the waves. All portholes and windows are lit red from the inside.

1 Cap: 0800 hours. Silent running somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean.

Panel 02
Shot from the inside of the AC-130 (basking under red lighting only): A body lies inert over a makeshift medical table laced with wires and sensors and whatnots. We can’t see the person’s face here but it’s clearly a male adult, plus he’s bound to the table by thick hi-tech shackles.
A handful of soldiers in full gear (cammo suits and helmets, night vision enhancements, M-16 in hand, etc) watch over the inert body. They all look a little tense.

2 Soldier #1/Lt.: Are the lab rats sure the power suppressors can hold him?

3 Soldier #1/Lt.: Check it again, Parnell. Jesus Christ.

4 Sfx, from bedside sensor: Teet. Teet.

5 Soldier #2/Parnell: Readings still clear, sir.

Panel 03
A military doctor in white apron comes into view, near the head of the medical table.

6 Doc: Those TECHTANIUM manacles could hold a whole crash of rhinos of any variety, Lieutenant. Especially of the super-powered variety.

7 Doc: What we’re doing is, we’re basically short-circuiting the electromagnetic field from the inside of bio-aura while keeping him under strong chemical sedation at the same time.

Panel 04
Tight close on the unconscious face of Montgomery Peer… or at least somebody whom looks A LOT like him. There are small electronic devices attached to both sides of his head, and there are small bruises and dry cuts all over his face.

8 Doc/off-panel: Plus the neural scramblers are continuously tampering with his thought process and forcing his synapses to misfire at random. Even in the unlikely event of his waking up and summoning his ahhh…

9 Doc/off-panel: …his ASPECT, if you will…

Panel 05
Shot from behind the group of soldiers and to their side, looking ahead to the table & doctor at the opposite end of the panel (the doctor is searching for something in a cabinet drawer by the bulkhead)
The soldiers are half-smiling to one another: Cocky and nervous at the same time.

10 Doc/off-panel: …his reflexes would be very close to those of a newly-born blind fishbowl snail anyway.

Panel 06
The doctor produces the original silver-and-blue uniform the Centurion used from ’89 to ’94 and proudly shows it to the soldiers. More confident smiling ensues.
(The version of the uniform is obviously incongruent with this story being set in the present. The reason for that will become clear later on).

11 Doc: Gentlemen… We have neutralized the Centurion.


Panel 01
Shot from behind the aircraft, still at lea level, POV following their wake.

1 Cap/Doc/off-panel: “No. More than that…”

Panel 02
Pull closer to (the backside of) the AC-130: Tiny electrical sparks suddenly burst from several different parts of the plane, all over its fuselage and wings and rudder.

2 Cap/Doc/off-panel: “The LAB RATS have neutralized the Centurion.”

3 Sfx: Bzzt. Bzzzzzt.

Panel 03
Close on Peer’s unconscious face inside the plane.
Alarm klaxons start firing up all over the aircraft.

4 Soldier #1/Lt.: What?! What’s going on?

Panel 04
Alarm lights flare up; the soldiers and the scientist are startled.

5 Soldier #3: What’s happening?

6 Soldier #2/Parnell: Readings are off the scale!

7 Doc/whispering: This is not possible…

Panel 05
Close on Peer’s face just like on panel 3, but he’s just opened his eyes wide.

8 Soldier #2/Parnell/off-panel: He’s awake! Oh f*ck!

9 Soldier #1/Lt./off-panel: Restrain him, quick! Do...

Panel 06
A page-wide panel showing all aircraft flying close together: Peer, unseen at high speeds, bursts through the hull of the AC-130 like a comet, shooting upward in a thin streak of light.

10 Cap/Soldier #1/Lt./off-panel: …something.

11 Sfx: Crash!


Panel 01
Shot from the inside of the cockpit of the AC-130. One of the pilots screams into his built-in helmet radio ad the other struggles to keep control of the plane.

1 AC-130 pilot #1: This is gunship Achilles. We have a security breach. I repeat, we have a security breach…

Panel 02
Shot from the inside of the cockpit of one of the F-22 Raptors flying over the AC-130 and the helicopters: This is a very calm yet sinister image, with the pilot’s darkened visor reflecting the sunlight against the canopy.

2 Cap/AC-130 pilot/off-panel: “…Target has escaped!”

3 Raptor pilot #1: Roger that, gunship Achilles.

Panel 03
Pull back on the cockpit to show the fighter jet almost entirely. We can maybe see other Raptors flying nearby in wedge-like formation.

4 Raptor pilot #1: All Shadow Squadron units proceed to intercept.

Panel 04
The Raptor squadron breaks formation and scramble downwards: We can count about five of six fighters on this shot, flying successively after one another.

(no copy)

Panel 05
Back to sea level, the damaged AC-130 is left behind as the Ospreys and the Apaches gain altitude and speed.

5 Apache pilot #1: All units scramble and initiate pursuit.

6 Apache pilot #1: Squadron is authorized to employ lethal force if necessary.

Panel 06
Pull closer on the canopy of the leading Apache helicopter.

7 Apache pilot #1: Shoot to kill.