Livin’ it Catholic!

At the office, a couple of days ago:

Kid: Okay, I need to tell you of this weird thing that happened to me when I was waiting in line at the supermarket the other day.
Me: Mmmm… Is this one of those tricky bits or could I actually care any less about your very sad existence?
Kid: No, c’mon. I’m serious.
Me: Okay. But I’m not. But do go on.
Kid: Okay, know how you’re always saying everybody’s like the devil’s son, and how you’d rather have lunch with Hitler than with us, and all that crap?
Me: So?
Kid: So I was there at the supermarket, standing in line, and this lady behind me calls me up and says she’s sort of sensitive and that I’ve got all this negative energy over myself and stuff.
Me: And you think it’s happened because I curse and swear a lot?
Kid: Well… could be.
Me: Mmmm… could be indeed. Look, are you a Catholic?
Kid: Yeah sure, why?
Me: Jesus Christ, man! Leave it to Catholics to believe in anything they hear, including new-age bag ladies at the supermarket, save for the sh*t they preach themselves at church.
Kid: No, c’mon, it’s not like that. It’s just that…
Me:Yeah, right. Then quote me from the gospel according to Enya or something…