This is how I’ve been preparing for that script…

So I promised the world a 4-issue full comic book script by Jan ’08.
The premise, which was given me, which was imparted upon me, is: She doesn’t live here anymore.

Here’s quoting from my own creative notes, then… well, scratch that. Here’s probably all I’ve got so far… regarding how I’ve been preparing to write the script as per the instructions:

Lessee… Today is May ‘07 and I have to deliver the stuff by January next year.
Okay, that means I’ll probably start worrying about actually writing it once September rolls in…

I’m mean, it’s not like I’m a total slack nor anything: I have most of it pretty much figured out. Cross my heart. It’s true.

There’s like this sequence which is a Top Gun reference and it sort of refers to the new guy who’s the Pope these days and it’s pretty funny. Oh, that and also that not too many people get shot during the climax because I’ve sort of decided to tone down on the content. But I’m keeping the s*x-scene anyway even though most of the action happens in-between panels.

The one thing I still haven’t figured out entirely it’s whether the big bit in the ending happens on a desert in the Middle-East, or at a hospital somewhere on the North America Eastern seaboard. There’s also a rather long sequence set in outer space and on another planet, but that is mostly issue #2.

Here’s the playbook anyway:
#1: Hospital in North-America;
#2: Outer space.
#3: Hospital in North America, then Mid-East.
#4: Mid-East then back to hospital in North America.

Interesting spur-of-the-moment trivia:
I’ve just realized most of the story happens in a hospital and yet none of the characters is a doctor.

Oh yeah. One more thing:
One of the characters is called Jack, even though he’s sort of got a secondary role in the story. I mean, have you ever seen fiction without a character named Jack? Only, this Jack is white. Like, Caucasian-white and I have just realized I don’t have any black characters yet. Do you think that could be an issue?

I mean, not having any African-American representatives?
I’m not really into pulling a “Pete Ross” here you know… Like in that Smallville TV series? The black Pete Ross?
I do have one time-displaced white Roman soldier from back in the days of the Empire. Do you think that counts for diversity? And also a white girl who’s married to an Elf, who’s also white, and the girl might get to come out a l*sbian by the story’s end. Or the Elf will turn g*y. Are there any g*y Elves in fiction? I mean, save for that wussy archer from the Lord of the Rings movie anyway. And what is the proper plural for Elf? Elfs or Elves? I think it’s probably Elves but I’m not sure. I have thought of a g*y cop too anyhow, but that’s probably being left off until the sequel. Supposing there’s a sequel, I mean.

The Roman soldier isn’t g*y, though, because he’s pretty tough and votes Republican and everything, and neither is that Jack guy, because I’m sort of picturing him like Don Johnson in Miami Vice: This really cool, unshaven ladies’ man and etc, but he’s not the one with the s*x-scene.

But he’s gonna say “pal” a lot.

The worst bit is, of course, that all information above is indeed what I’m actually thinking…