Hero gets girl (Stop me if you’ve heard this one… in a long while)

Me: Sonny?
Crockett: Yeah, pal?
Me: Something’s come up, man.
Crockett(lights up a cigarette): Don’t tell me.
Me: I’ve got a girlfriend now, alright? I mean, it’s gone sort of official and everything.
Crockett: So how long have ya kids been together?
Me: Umm. Not really long. You know. “Jumping before you look” and all that.
Crockett: You’re out there, pal. Out where the buses don’t run. You know that?
Me: But lovin’ it anyway, Sonny!
Crockett: Spoken like a true Don Johnson, pal!
Me: I’m like, the sorcerer’s apprentice with all those Miami Vice re-runs on disc, dude…