Cool running (CONT’D)

Me: Crockett?
Sonny Crockett: Yeah, pal?
Me: I think I got a problem, dude.
Sonny (lights up a cigarette): Shoot, pal.
Me: I think I might’ve met someone.
Sonny: You think?
Me: Yeah. I mean, I’m pretty sure.
Sonny: Hey, a real ladies’ man! Hell freezes over or what!
Me: No, c’mon. I’m sorta worried, you know?
Sonny: Tell ya something, pal: Ya know all that bad stuff ya keep telling me ya got going in your head?
Me: So?
Sonny: Well. It’s all in your head pal, for one thing.
Me: So what do you think I should do?
Sonny (imitating Tubbs’s mock-Jamaican accent): Remember, man: Cool running, man.
Me: The gospel according to Don Johnson… Thanks Sonny!
Sonny: Anytime, pal!