It’s not just that hey, since I had high-speed internet at the hotel I could hook up a connection with the notebook and fool around in the evenings, and once I decided to try that MSN Messenger which everybody uses during my very last night in town, coming home from this German bar, I stumbled upon my ex-girlfriend online, completely by chance, and it’d been two years since we’d last talked to each other, so we stayed chatting online about the good ol’days until past 3am, and it felt so good to remember the past with a lighter heart.

I guess it’s just that, simply put, once I got home from the trip Thursday night I hit the office first because I didn’t feel like hauling my luggage across town. Then they called me up and said since it was XXXXX’s last night in the country we should go out and have a blast, etc.

By having a blast I obviously mean not sleeping at all between Thu and Fri, and not only that but getting to work downright drunk on Friday morning (today), downright a mess… Let’s just say I just floored whatever feeble chances I had at scoring with the cute brunette whom shares the bus with me every day, and it’s a good thing I’d left my luggage at the office because there was a folded, neat clean shirt there and it was the very salvation of me.

Hey, being in the gutters like that, down & out at the office, it most certainly feels like being nineteen all over again- The difference being no classes.
--Well, scratch that last bit. Classes still, but this time I’m literally the teacher, how cool is that?
…It goes to show that what do you know about life, in the end… Teaching classes to interns and managers alike; it’s so cool. If I’d known teaching was this fun, I’d have done it before, like a zillion years before.

I have a headache right now, I have a stomachache, even my neck aches, I can’t keep even a single gulp of water down in my gut, and damn am I dazed or what-- and I have just realized I have spent more money in clothes these last 30 days than in books, for the first time in close to a century or three.

…It means it is happening right now, right? Like, the quickening? It was supposed to happen in two or three years in the future, only naaw; everything points out that’s it’s already begun.

So let’s make the most of it.