Leaving the world for a while

Not the coolest thing ever, but still, they’re sending me out to… No, scratch that. They’re keel-hauling me down to the Port for a week, we’re kicking off phase III of the training, we’re basically training the end-users for the port agency now.
Kick-off date for implementation is 07.Aug.

It’s… ah. Well, it’s not like Santiago now, is it?
You gotta go with the flow. Feels like I’ve been keel-hauled under the Jolly Roger. Totally.
Okay, rock’n’roll, let’s do it. It’s gonna be alright, mostly, in the long run.
Trust me on this one.

Good news is, I need some time away to think, to put a few thoughts in order, I’m a little confused right now and feels like my grander, greater scheme for all things pertaining to life has reached the point where it needs to be… reconsidered? updated? Something like that.

Can you feel it too?
It’s like there’s something huge looming over the horizon, if I only I could see it from where I’m standing.
Something’s gonna smash the status quo up against the wall and I gotta know what it is before it comes. I need to make plans, I need to think ahead, I need to…

No. I think I’m gonna do it differently.
Winds of change? Bring it on.
I’ll go with the flow, I'll follow the bassline into the chorus, this I know.
Trust me on this one.