SOMEBODY, ANYBODY: “...And I´m fed up with seeing you going through life like this - - I can so picture you on a Saturday night, slouching on your living room couch, doing nothing, wasting away your entire weekend in front of the TV - - When you could be out doing so much more, and the worst part of it is that you probably know it all too well. You know of the potential people see in you, you know you could get better jobs, live in bigger apartments, lead people instead of just going with the flow. Then there´s this I-don´t-care attitude to boot, which was already outdated by the time you were what, sixteen? Point is, I see you move only when it really suits you, always skimming at the bottom then going up and burning so bright but only for a second or two, then back to the sofa - - Always with this arrogant sneer in contempt of everyone else sweating out blood to get an inch above mediocrity, all because you think you could do so much better if at least you tried, and you don´t regardless of the fact you´re indeed probably right, which is so sad because most people would kill to be able to do pull stuff like you do with such ease. All this to feed that massive ego of yours.”

ME: “Yeah, yeah, all that. Or maybe I really like watching TV.”