Words to a song I made up in class the other day because I was bored

An archetype blue

All the ghosts tomorrow┬┤s likely to
bring along to that desert island
with you
and that book you never
really took along with you

Bind your soul in leather,
hide your gold from bad weather:
An archetype blue,
a griffin┬┤s feather.
Hide your soul from the weather,
then wrap your gold in leather:
An archetype blue,
your shadows blacker.

Standing outside before the rain
Then following you in rhyme
with all the pain
Climbing down an ivy wall,
hanging from a cliff to see you fall
but you never really took me along
with you
I want to run on the beach,
roll down in the sand
with you


A spire of copper in the storm,
along came a spider all alone:
Lightning cracked,
we never looked back.
Like a crash of rhinos,
we never looked back.

(chorus x2, then out.)