Bats in the belfry

I had this really scary dream last night:

I dreamed I was at this nightclub where I knew no one and the dancefloor was really crowded. As it turned out, then, everyone else there was a vampire but me, and they knew it, and they sort of wanted my blood.
They backed me against the wall and as I frantically attempted to shove them back, they began biting off the tips of my fingers and it was all a bloody mess. Then this big black bald guy called dibs on my throat; everyone gave in but me. I just protested with bleeding hands that there was no f*cking way some big black bald guy was going to bite my neck off, so I pretty much had to let this really gorgeous brunette vampire chick do it in his place. But it hurt like hell and I woke up all sweaty, and screaming at about three a.m.

I got up and... hereĀ“s the dorky bit... I actually went to the bathroom to check my neck up in the mirror...

Later the next day I went to a drugstore and found some really cool Batman band-aids, no relation to the nightmare, and bought them anyhow.