More class-clown messianics at the office

Scene: I´m sitting before one of the Advis*rs´ workstations doing some pre-Go Live testing to their thin-cli*nt machines and the phone system. We´re supposed to be receiving calls from Ch*le, Ur*guay, Argen*ina and Par*guay his afternoon. Br*zil, also.
Boss comes up to me to check on things, catches me hunched over some file cabinet, lots of printed sheets of paper lying on the carpet all around.

BOSS: "I thought you were supposed to be doing the pre-Go Live testing to the Advis*rs´ thin-cli*nt machines. And to the phone system. I mean, has Argen*ina called in already?"

ME: "Actually I got sort of bored with the tests and decided to work on our Business Cont*nuity plans instead..."

BOSS: "But what about the tests?"

ME: "Oh, I´m doing those as well."

BOSS: "Are you doing two things at the same time?"

ME: "Actually I´m doing three. I sort of enjoy multi-tasking."

BOSS: "Wait a second... have you just picked the lock of the file cabinet with a paper clip?!"

ME: "Oh. That. Ahh, to be quite honest with you, it took me two paper clips to pick that lock. And the best part of these twenty minutes´ worth of testing!"

BOSS: "What, are you hyperactive or something?! I mean, what am I going to do with you..."

ME: "Well if you plan on doing an arrest, you can pretty much rule out handcuffing me next to paper clips, for one thing..."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Among my other talents:
I actually know the full words to four songs in Natalie Imbruglia´s 1997 debut album, "Torn".