A page-long comicbook script, halfway into the story

I came up with the following page under the shower a few nights ago.
It’s set halfway into the story and to be perfectly honest with you I have no real good idea where it would fit, though it sure looks cool.
The plot preceding this point in a nutshell: Montgomery Peer, plainclothes superhero, takes off to outer space to quell some “cosmic disturbance” of some sort at the sun, which threatens the Earth, etc, the usual. He’s in contact with the Military via subspace radio (subspace radio is sci-fi’s way of accounting for real-time instant radio communication between the Sun and the Earth).
But anyway:

Panel 1
This panel is part of a 3-piece composition with the larger panel 2 and the similar panel 3: It’s a page-wide panel layered over the top of the main panel (panel 2) so that there are no gutters on this page. Panel 1 is like a “detail” incrusted within the splash-page-like panel 2, and is symmetrically placed with panel 3 (Panel 1 is on the top and panel 3 is at the bottom).
This is a follow-up to last page and closing tight on a low-ranking telecommunications operator sitting behind a large computer console with headphones to his ear. Behind him and standing up there are two high-ranking military officers, also holding headphones to their ears. The telecommunications operator looks calm and focused. The high-ranking officers look puzzled, somewhat startled by whatever it is they’re hearing.

1. OFFICER #1: What is this… humming? Sounds like a lullaby

2. OFFICER #1: What is he…? Hmmm hmmm bet you think this song’s about you don’t you… Is that singing?

3. OFFICER #2: Is he singing a Donna Summer song?!

4. OPERATOR: I think it’s Carly Simon, sir.

Panel 2
A large splash-page-like panel which covers the entire page (with the much-smaller panels 1 and 3 free-floating over near its top and bottom, like top-layered bookends).
This is one magnificent view of outer space looking straight to the Sun, up close, occupying a generous portion of the center-to-left area of the page. The remainder of the page is filled by distant stars.
There’s one tiny, humanoid-looking dark speck- Montgomery Peer’s silhouette- hovering with his arms spread Christ-like somewhere near the center of the solar disk (captions 5 and 6 should be placed near the figure for easy identification).

5. CAP/NARRATOR: Montgomery Peer…

6. CAP/NARRATOR: Spinning in geosynchronous orbit across the corona at over 4,500 mph. Rocking the sun to sleep.

Panel 3
A page-wide panel identical in shape to panel 1, but places at the bottom of the page (panel 2).
Tight on Montgomery Peer’s back and looking straight at the Sun, lashed by flames: Shot from about Peer’s shoulder blades up to the top of his head, his arms spread wide-open, outstretched up to the fingertips, as he hovers over the fiery backdrop of the Sun, through the fiery flames of its corona.

7. CAP/OFFICER #1/OFF-PANEL: “Is he singing You’re so vain to the Sun?!”