Point break

So Ingmar Bergman passed away last week and the world of Arts became a little poorer because of it. Allegedly, I suppose, for my generation begs to differ: We ride at the tail-end of mankind’s cultural output.

Most of my generation was introduced to the bulk of Bergman’s work- and I’m so serious here- through Keanu Reeves, through the Seventh Seal spoof in the Keanu-starred Bill & Ted sequel.
There are two B&T movies, remember? There’s the first one when they travel back in time in a phone booth and score with chicks from the Middle Ages, and there’s that hysterical sequence in which Bill’s kid brother (or is it Ted’s?) is forced to take Napoleon Bonaparte bowling in present-day America… and there’s also its sequel, in which Bill and Ted are killed by some robotic doppelgangers from the far-flung future, and in order to come back to life they must challenge death, and thence, the Seventh Seal spoof.
So there they are, Bill and Ted, and they have to challenge the Grim Reaper in lots of games… you know the bit in the Seventh Seal when the knight plays chess against Death, right? Only B&T, they play all kinds of silly boardgames with him instead, such as Twister and etc. They eventually win, and return to the land of the living in time to save the day. And that is how my generation’s come to know of the Seventh Seal.

I did rent The Seventh Seal on VCR a few years ago. I dunno why, I was in the mood for something different and sod*my notwithstanding I just guess I’ll try anything once. To be completely honest with you I never really made it past the first third of the movie, because that bit in the horse wagon with the gypsy family, or court jester family, or whatever, is so incredibly boring I wanted to take my eyes out with a spoon.
Because hey, any idea of what my conception of what a Bergman movie really was?

Bergman for me was Keanu, dude…