I get out of the shower at about four AM at the hotel and the steam pours through the half-opened door into the room where A**** is already asleep under a small ziggurat of comforters, the TV on with some movie she must have dozed off to.
We had dinner at K****’s parents’ place where he made us some top-notch fondue we had with the wine D**** must’ve brought over from Chile, and I brought along the unopened pisco P**** gave me last year, also from Chile, as a present on the occasion of my moving in to the apartment. We made some pisco sour with that pisco. It sort of tastes like a zestier fermented milk, only, pretty good too.
The aftertaste lingers on over the toothpaste. I frown a little, but not too much, and walk barefoot to the king-size bed looking for the remote.

I recognize the movie upon first glance even though I’d like to tell myself otherwise. Elizabeth Hurley plays some pretty sexy incarnation of the devil as she tempts Brendan Fraser. I close my eyes for a split-second and pretend there are no memories recalled.
I think back to a mellow Sunday afternoon some seven or eight years ago, going to the movies then saying goodbye before the subway station and cursing myself for having lost the heart to…

A**** mumbles something and shifts her body just a little under the blankets. I kneel on the ground by her side and feel the skin on her forehead with the palm of my hand, checking for a possible fever. It feels alright. She is fast asleep and I figure the medicine to have kicked in already.
I whisper in her ear and ask her how she feels. “Mmmmbettermmm,” she mumbles without opening her eyes. She looks more beautiful like this, no make-up on.
“You feel anything, let me know,” I tell her. “Just wake me up, alright?”

The remote is lying by her glasses on the nightstand. I pick it up, turn off the TV and lie down by A****’s side on the bed. She reaches for me with her hand to know where I am, on my shoulder, then tucks it back under the comforter.
We sleep without touching each other and the distance between us seems to grow wider each day, and engulf the whole world at night.