Uncalled for, pt. II

So R**** got married last weekend. We met during High School and became fast friends, wham!, just like that. I didn’t know the bride, though, but the wedding was very beautiful despite the service spoken in Latin at the church.
His family is loaded. We used to spend the summers at their parents’ place at the beach during High School. We were there during the summer of 1998 too, even though G**** was actually staying at her father’s place nearby.

As the groom walked down the aisle last Saturday I couldn’t help but bringing back to life this old in-joke of ours, about R****’s clumsy ways and his child’s smile, and how we would mockingly speculate on the way he would smile upon his wedding many years in the future.
So there he was, close to a decade afterwards, and even though the trimmings and settings and the people involved all turned out quite differently, the core of it all was nonetheless unchanged from our dreaming.

Then afterwards at this party at this real fancy place I looked for his parents because I used to like them so much and in fact they were such nice folks it was just then I realized I had actually been missing them all those years in-between. I stood between R**** and his mother, with A**** and I**** and I****’s girlfriend and R****’s father, to have our picture taken as A**** and I were leaving.

Then & there:
I was so close to R**** and his mother and we’re all smiling and it’s all honest and true just like it was on High School, especially during those wonderful vacations at their apartment at the beach, and for a split-second the memory of it all rushed back in and made me want to tell them of everything that’s come to pass in these ten years since we lost touch with each other, of all the bad things and the wrong paths taken, of everything else that had been simply put, uncalled for in life, and then…

(Sometimes I think it’s not in what we actually speak aloud nor write down, but in fact it’s in everything that’s left unsaid.)

So then I just smiled at the camera, you know? –And it was an honest smile.
Secret of the universe, or at least part of it…