The "Mira a Señor Mxyzptlk de la provincia de Zrfff" post

The main difference between English and the Latin languages is, I’ve come to think after a lot of pondering, the way we Latin-speakers stick to our vowels as if they were mana from heaven or gold.
Portuguese is my native language so that difference to me is pretty clear, more than ever whenever I get to listen to a, say, American speaking English instead of me and workmates speaking English; as good as we may be it’s almost impossible not to place a vowel after single consonant.

I’m thinking of Mr. Mxyzptlk’s homeworld of Zrfff up there in the 5th Dimension: a magical land of flying imps and living thunderbolts where there are no vowels, and whenever I’m trying to speak in English I feel like Superman punching through the dimensional barrier, punching down every vowel to as to change the Miks-yez-pit-lik I’m uttering into my foe’s proper name.