Mark Waid & Daniel Acuña to do the Flash!


Oh god I had this really cool idea for today’s post and it had to do with Norman Bates and the Crimson Dynamo but all of a sudden the new creative team for the Flash comic book is announced and it’s Mark Waid writing it, and painter-slash-penciller Daniel Acuña doing the artwork and this is f*cking amazing because last week, as I was reading the month’s comics, I thought of my dream team for a Flash comic and it was exactly Waid and Acuña!

Waid was the character’s top writer during the 1990s so he sure knows how to handle the Flash, and Alcuña has been doing some amazing work on Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters and also on Green Lantern.
Jesus Christ! I’m pumped, I’m hyped!
Baby this is freaking huge!

Also, they’re probably taking Bart Allen down as the Flash (Flash IV) and giving us back either Barry Allen (Flash II, dead in action in ‘86) or Wally West (Flash III, missing in action since ’06). Wally is my favorite comic book character ever but of course I really like Barry a lot, too!

So bring it on!
In the words of the Boss, Baby we were born to runnnnnnnnnn!