Excerpt from a comics interview (priceless!)

Okay, this is so utterly priceless I can't even begin to think of not posting it here:
An exceprt from a Newsarama interview with comics writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti about the designs and inspirations for the characters from Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters, an action-meets-political-satire series published by DC Comics:

"JUSTIN: The Ray, Stan Silver, is the kind of egotistic bastard people loved to hate. His uniform is slick to match his Teflon personality; a beam of living light fits a guy who thinks he’s better than everyone else. There’s a lot of Bret Easton Ellis in Stan Silver’s personality and hopefully we’ll have the chance to bring him back providing the Freedom Fighters catch on with people."

http:// www.newsarama.com /dcnew/ FreedomFighters/ sketchbook/ preview.html
Characters design by artist Daniel Acuña.