One particularly disturbing dream

I was inside the belly of this old wooden vessel, like a schooner, when it started- like in is candle-lit galley or something. There about ten persons there with me, people from the office. As the ship kept on sailing to & through god knows where, my workmates started with this bizarre ceremony in which they would pass around a living stag beetle, near a palm long, and each one of them would take turns placing the insect inside their mouths, over their tongues, without any biting or swallowing, with the insect’s oversized mandibles bulging from their lips, its tiny legs moving around and about. Then the beetle would be passed on to the following person, and so on, following the circle.
An eerie, vocal-less, instrumental version of Echo & the Bunnymen’s Killing Moon played in the background.

When it was my turn I refused to accept the beetle on the grounds that it was pretty disgusting and bizarre, so I wouldn’t have it in my mouth.
I had to leave the ship. How I did it, or where I went to, I have no idea, but I ended up in this huge department store afterwards, where I met with this cute chubby girl I used to know, and she took hold of my arm and urged me to help her find some specific, grape-flavored bubble gum brand her boyfriend liked…