Hourgirl (the song)

Just because, and also just because I think I’m a victim of arrested development, here’s what I got out of the lyrics to my own pop-rock song so far. It’s not complete because I’m still missing an intro and an ending.
Also, it’s not supposed to be Shakespeare nor anything. It’s very silly, straightforward, cut-to-the-chorus stuff- kind of like some bad High School poetry in itself:


And in knowing my worst sin is fear,
here´s your whispering in my ear:
"Boy, lay off your sex-queen dreams,
please put aside those old magazines-
their cheap pulpy musty paper smell-
you take me up & I’ll take you out of hell!"

Baby you´re my miracle pill,
baby you´re my two-Dollar bill
I take you & I can walk right thru walls,
I take you & we can take on this world.
Baby you´re my miracle pill,
baby you´re my two hundred-Dollar bill
I take you & it’s an hour-long shot against chance,
‘cause all I got is one hour left to see you dance!

[guitar solo, long]

And I’ll never count you out of my addictions,
simply put I like ´em better than my own indecisions.
For one hour we´d have night & day,
that very hour I recall today.
So if you´ll just slip yourself in my bed again,
You touch me, trust me, I´ll touch you back.

[repeat CHORUS]