Cnn.com reports an Enigma machine is being sold online I think on Ebay. It´s one of those Nazi gadgets used to scramble secret messages into ciphers so the Allies couldn´t get them right. Apart from the sheer coolness of having WWII-era memorabilia at home there´s also the- -
And this is as far as I went today with a coherent text despite the use of the word “coolness” which some people will most likely point out that it´s gibberish, else uneducated at best. The point I´m getting at is, I´ve just begun daydreaming again and I´m surfing a brainwave or two on one large family-size figment right now because it seems that the only bright idea I´ve had for a post this entire week has to do with a metaphor weaker than those Superman-as-a-stand-in-for-Jesus-Christ ones in which simply put would go like, Gee I would like to buy an Enigma-like encoding machine that would turn gibberish into coolness so I could post here. So much for upping the ante.
Thus my premise lies stillborn.

On a completely unrelated sidenote I have just learned the coolest thing, the biggest difference between a damselfly and a dragonfly (insect). The damselfly rests its wings down along its back while the dragonfly simply keeps them open by its side.
National Geographic rocks in days like these baby and we´re oh! so about to get darker…

We are waiting in the wings still a week now to commence the re-engineering of our jailbreak.