The 11/11/11 post

Just for the hell of it, right? Just to make sure we got this down to paper.

I was eight on 8/8/88 + it rained only on one-half of this playground in the building I lived with my parents. That was pretty cool, because I’d often wondered until then whatever happened at the tail-end of raining, where wet stopped to give way to dry, the border, the transitional medium.

I was 19 on 9/9/99 and Jimmy and I were already in College and for some reason we were not working that day, or maybe we both were in-between jobs. So we went out to the comics shop and I bought a DC Comics compilation of sci-fi stories from the 1940s to the 1980s. There was one story in that collection that would eventually sort-of, kinda inspire me on the tattoo I’d get years, years later.

Then if you look up the post on this blog for 10/10/10 you’ll read of the e-mail I’d sent Cybill, strictly a friend then, and one in a rather cumbersome position at that (again, then), to thank for her company on the Bon Jovi concert we’d gone to together a few days earliers. Which sort of speaks volumes, I guess, on asserting that these days are fast indeed.

I’m 31 on 11/11/11 and I’m working from home. No, scratch that. I’m at home pretending I’m working but in fact I’m not doing much of anything simply because I’m way disappointed and upset with my dead-end job. Also because I’m kind of queasy today. Too many trips to the boy’s room this morning. It’s a good thing I stayed at home. From instant messaging Cybill’s asking if I’m feeling better. Yep, I type back. Then I ask her is she’s coming over tonight and she says of course she is.