Did Wendy Harris marry a Communist?

Halfway through Philip Roth's I Married a Communist-- enjoying it quite a lot, even though I'd never really warmed up to Roth before. My father's a big fan though, he's kind of into the Jewish thing in literature, etc. Maybe, I'm thinking, I'd never really warmed up to Roth before because I might have started at the wrong end-- I mean, The plot against America or somesuch as opposed to say, American Pastoral. You get the idea.

But before I go-- not really relating to it, but sorta, barely, something, an idea for a DC comic book—Just so as I write it down somewhere:

Okay, setup is the Green Arrow saying something like:

"As long as no one ever questions on which side of the Marshall Plan Rex Tyler stood, but of course that’s all incidental now. I mean, that was before he went big and bought out old man Bannermain in the sixties and became one of America’s biggest captains of industry from Blue Valley to the Slaughter Swamp. Guys like Tyler, Chuck McNider, even that runt Al Pratt… it would take a dimwit like Johnny Thunder to miss out on their political preferences. Imagine what a JSA gathering must have been like in the late forties, with big man Alan Scott sucking up to Truman and really running the show behind Bird-Brains’ back. Ever wondered just where that proverbial buck stopped? It stopped right there in Civic City, my friend."