For all the wrong reasons

Slept for 14 hours straight this weekend, no booze, no medication, no sports the day before. I have come down with a bad case of flu but it's not only that. I'm... weakened?... I think. Have stopped running, also. Have stopped doing exercises. Have stopped with the diet.

It's a funny thing because Cybill and I have been spending all days together now. I love that; I love her. But I'm most certainly not used to this whole cloud-9 thing: I'm supposed to draw my inner strength from frustration, envy, angst, from negative emotions.

That's how I would run, by the way. Did I ever tell you that?
Whenever I was running I would keep forcing into my mind all the negative feelings and memories I could muster. Then I would grind it all on asphalt under the rubber of my Mizunos.