This one does not advance the plot but it's pretty cool anyhow

Okay there was this song in the back of my head sometime halfway through High School I'd say circa 1996 or thereabouts and I'd asked Dennis about it since he was the big kahuna, know-it-all, when it came to '80s tunes but fact is I could barely recall the melody, let alone the words. "I have no idea what you're talking about," he said to me, or something to that effect.

And now, mean right this second, here in this braindead future that 2011 has gone on to become I'm sitting at the office doing some crap job or whatever and very half-assedly so, and Pat Benatar is singing Sex as a Weapon in my headphones and... that's it. The song I was trying to recall in '96. Total recall. Right there. Right here. Right now.