This is how I feel ten years after 1999

It´s the 7th day of the year and I´ve been working 14 hour days from Mon to Fri with maybe a 10-min lunchbreak for two, three weeks now: I´m tired, I´m frustrated, I´m all-out spent.

I feel like I´m moving way too slow, borderline wading through molasses, and I can only dream I could be leaner, smarter, faster:

“You´re doing it again,” I´m told at the office. “You´ve been moving around way too fast and your team mates and employees are getting all freaked out because of that.”

“There should be a verb or an expression like to Sting it out, says **** during New Year´s Eve between the Veuve Clicquot and the Nespressos. “You know, to do it like Sting, to start out so great, so cool, only to really screw it up in the end”.
“Yeah. Figures. Whatever, man,” I tell him, only mildly drunk.

Then up pop the fireworks from the thronging avenue a few blocks up the street and I get a little disappointed because there´s no countdown afterwards.

Yes, afterwards: How grim is that?

...I wish ´09 could last forever like this: Year zero, Anno Domini, ground zero, less than zero but can´t you feel it´s only stretching out into infinity like catgut: And baby it might even twang for us a couple of times but come December it´ll let go. You´ll see it´ll let go. Some people say you´ll see to it yourself. But no, you´re my Lyla Lerrol not my Jezebel Jet:

Father Time carries a scythe but Batman a batarang.