Internet, I love you!

This is a post in which I’ll state the obvious… only, it’s something I want to say aloud before I die or before the world ends. So that you know. So that I know I haven’t taken it for granted:

Today I woke up thinking about obscure 1980s bands like the Waterboys and Big Country, so when I got to work I sat down with a cup of coffee and entered youtube.com, and downloaded those videos (Big Country’s In a Big Country, and The Waterboys’ The Whole of the Moon).

Meanwhile I accessed the web-site from this newspaper from Seattle to read their online comics strips- Dilbert and Lee Falk’s the Phantom.
I read those every day.

As the music played on I got to e-mail my ex-girlfriend about my cousin’s dog who’d just died, then I got to send some files down to the guys in Santiago, also via e-mail, and since I’m currently looking for an apartment I had to keep myself away from eBay and not buy that Lex Luthor in Battle Armor action figure from DC Direct…
(also looking for an apartment, online).

Except for space-travel and world peace, this is pretty much how I dreamed the future should be when I was a kid.
So here it goes, Internet, babe, so that everyone will hear- I love you so much; you’re the coolest thing a kid could ever wish for!

There. I’ve said it.