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There is this mountain up in Tibet by the name of Kailash. It’s the alleged throne of Shiva the destroyer, also the axis of the world.
Local gentry believe that if you take a walk around that mountain you get you get to purge all your sins, and if get to walk around the mountain for about a hundred times (supposing you’re that bored) you get to erase the all the sins of your very soul, of all your lifetimes.

Back in College, say about seven years ago, we’d share our apartment with this guy who did have a friend by the name of Kailash; I don’t think there’s much relation to the mountain because if I remember correctly the guy was of middle-eastern descent himself and the name of the mountain is Sanskrit for “crystal” (Okay, I had to look that one up, I admit).
Also, the guy- our friend- had a bit of a speech impediment so he’d call his friend kah-yo-lah-sh or something, like it was two names: Caio Lash.

Turns out Caio (as we’d call him) must’ve been a bit of the Übermensch himself because as time went by XXXXX developed a kind of a sect after him; it was hero worship times a hundred and he would do anything us homo sapiens couldn’t:

1. He developed WAP technology for internet access in cell phones earlier than the rest of the free world, by himself;
2. He held a handful of speed records in off-road motorbiking;
3. His father owned thousands of square miles of real state in one of the world’s largest cities;
4. He drank only imported beer;
5. He got all the best-looking girls;
6. He’d traveled to the farthest corners of the world, also to Australia;
7. He single-handedly manned the web-site with the biggest hit ratio for 1999.

The rest of the list belongs now to the mists of time, but one can only assume Kailash the man will eventually circle Kailash the mountain enough times to save the world…