Surprise party

So it was my birthday the other day see and the guys had all gotten together to throw me a surprise party but Dee sort of botched the surprise when he invited me over to this very, very fancy French restaurant we go to sometimes, and said I should meet him at his place before that. Thing is, Dennis never does advance warnings.

Still it was pretty amazing and they had decorated Dee's place with comic book figures and so on, but it was kind of odd when I saw the table all laid out like that, decorated, all that food and the drinks and the fancy cake they'd bought, and Cindy was so cute wearing a Wonder-Woman t-shirt and gave me a toy Batmobile, and Jimmy and his wife gave me a book of Bruce Springsteen pictures and Kay and Monika gave me a really cool dry-fit t-shirt for running----- and it made me fell so odd because I have such a hard time either accepting or understanding people can actually care about me. Must be some sort of defense mechanism. I don't know.

Still was was tons of fun and we stayed there up until two or three in the morning even though I had to work the next Saturday...