I think the Ramones wrote a song about this, too...

It’s a little past three in the morning and Spring outside is stuffy and warm. Inside we’re at this party even though my alarm clock will go off in a few hours but never mind that, I’ve been trading up the vodkas for the champagne and white wine so it’s mostly cool now, it really is.

I’m talking to this guy I’ve just met, we’re sitting side by side at he end of the room talking crap and kind of trying to outdo one another making funny comments about the mid-80s videos on the big screen TV on the wall in front of us, in the distance.
All of a sudden he leans over, whispers something in my ear.

I say nothing but stand up and trudge my way to the kitchen with heavy steps, trying my best so as not to fall down. The kitchen is empty and I close the door so as to find myself some silence and peace— I could definitely use a glass of water for a change but all I find is some orange juice. I take a large gulp straight from the bottle and wipe my mouth with the back of my hands. And then it finally connects, clicks. Startled, I put down the orange juice and return to the living room:

“Now wait a second,” I lean over and ask the guy as I try my best to refrain from laughing. “Did you just ask me if I want to sniff some glue?!”
He smiles wide, gives me the two thumbs up.
I burst into laughter.