Cindy does Annie Hall

“I can’t believe the nerve, walking along like that in broad daylight,” Cindy says angrily with a wave of her arms as we pass by this guy she used to date, purely by chance, and he’s with some girl now but they never notice us.
“Yeah I know, in broad daylight right in the middle of the evening,” I reply as we struggle to catch up with Dennis and Roseanne a few steps before us, driving a wedge with our elbows through the thronging mob of late-Sunday evening Christmas shoppers, towards the Japanese restaurant for dinner.
“And he was holding her hand! Like a couple! How dare he!” she rants and raves, refusing to accept the whole situation.
“Yeah I know, walking hand-in-hand with his fiancée, that’s more than absurd, it’s… it’s outrageous! Preposterous!”
“I just can’t understand it,” she reasons, trying to make her point, “She’s fat and she’s got bad hair.”
“You have straight long blond hair Cindy and blue eyes— you look like a… like a Panzer division pin-up model. You’re practically cover-girl material for the Lebensborn— next to you the entire world’s got bad hair, that’s not even an argument!”
“Hehhh hehe” Dennis chuckles from the middle of the crowd, “C’mon you guys, if we’re not fast enough we’ll have to wait ages for a table!”
“Cindy’s got issues, Dee. I think she needs therapy.”
“What I need right now is a drink” she says, vents, but when she looks over her shoulder I’m already signaling Dennis with my thumb sticking out to my lips, meaning booze.