Move along!

So the office moved to this nearby town ok? Due to tax reasons and other stories I suppose but it's cool I can deal with it for a time. Coolest part was, who gets to coordinate the move from the regional offices? Yours truly. Have you ever moved part of a company to a different company altogether (we were bought out) in another location with another network, systems, etc? Awesome. We got to do EVERYTHING. You name it, we did it: Facilities, staff, network infrastructure, systems, testing, employee communication, asset control, hauling equipment, etc. A bit overwhelming, true that, but awesome!

We finished the last leg per se on a three-day run starting last Friday morning and ending this Sunday afternoon. Barely go any sleep: But how cool was hauling all that equipment across town past midnight last Friday under armed guard?

To be quite honest with you-- I thought we were not making it in time and I got this close to throwing the towel late last week when everything was falling apart and a new nightmare would pop up wherever you looked but then there was this huge funny argument about transferring some assets... fifteen cheap headsets and a microwave oven, actually... it was so absurd it was as if were being held back by petty crap and that bit gave me a second wind and man, Lyla, did we ace it or what...

Ready for going live tomorrow, now I gotta get some sleep.