Like potshot guessing at a worldmap

Note on the following text: This is a little experiment in which I’ve tried to combine the different writing styles of two of my favorite authors: the terse, emotionlessly-vague sentences of Bret Easton Ellis, with Jack Kerouac’s bop-like spontaneous prose-- then taking it to the max by forfeiting the use of punctuation altogether, kind of like Kerouac on steroids (or benny!).

It’s not so bad when you read it aloud to yourself, you know. It kind of worked…


It’s a cold morning there around 7am two weeks ago and Zee and I are waiting for the bus to work kind of sleepeyed bummed nothing else to do but throw around some meaningless casual conversation then she says she’s taking some days off from the office pretty soon and going on vacations but she’s got no idea to where she’s supposed to go to which I say maybe you should just like take potshot guessing at a worldmap I suggest like in that movie The Last King of Scotland or something but only the guy never really went to Scotland but somewhere else entirely and I don’t think a girl like you would you know actually enjoy going to such a place to which she promptly responds yes I know that film but she halts for a while as if savoring the taste of her own reply in midstream but without really smiling see and it’s a little unsettling when she does that but a good cute unsettling then finally continues the sentence by saying yeah that I’m right and she’d never actually enjoy going to such a place indeed anyhow and I think one of us ends up suggesting Argentina or Canada or wherever but I’m not really sure which one of us because I’m not paying much attention to what we’re saying but in fact only to herself because look at her willya she’s way too classy for this class clown antics of mine.

The conversation ends just as it started in the first place and I pretty much forget about it for the next couple of weeks and I’m pretty sure I don’t even get to see Zee again in those intervening days maybe except for the odd scattered note left on Facebook or Messenger or something but that’s strictly incidental.

Either way time passes and it’s a slow day at the office so I’m fooling around Goggle looking up sites on Reductive Art like you know like Minimalism and stuff like that and sort of trying to either remember or discover the name of this really cool painting by I think this either Swiss or Swedish artist I once saw on an exhibit at the park near my place one summer a few years ago and it was a painting with red and pink-hued parallel bars stacked against an all-black backdrop but I’m sort of momentarily distracted when this tall gorgeous brunette with the implants walks by my desk and what I end up typing on the search engine is a bunch of utter rubbish say random letters all bundled up so when I press enter Google Images flashes up these magnificent photographs of red and pink-hued sunsets over beaches in Bali Indonesia instead which suddenly takes me back to the conversation with Zee and I start to giggle because it’s funny kind of like when crazy people say they get orders from the devil to do something or go somewhere but let’s just face it if you’re like me and you don’t have a purpose or place to go to in your life because the whole gig’s pretty much shot after you turn 30 anyway you’d pretty much start taking up suggestions from anyone or anything or anyhow wouldn’t you say?