To absent friends

There´s this guy from back in College, he calls me up twice a year at work just to keep in touch. People called him Potato because he was kind of chubby, but I always thought of him as the Fat kid with the scar, for he had a nasty scar running down from behind his left ear to the base of his neck.
Fat kid with the scar must´ve had some pretty big issues with his own self-esteem because he was always trying so hard to please everyone back in the day and to this day, three years later, he still asks me how great the barbecue at his parents´ really was, if I´m sure everyone had a good time, if I remember telling him once I was so lucky that day because I got to ride the bus home with Isabella and she was really cute- and I say, Yeah it was pretty cool man don´t worry, and Yeah sure we should get everyone together again yeah another barbecue is a terrific idea count me in.
Before putting down the receiver we always make sure to have that beer on a strictly conceptual level, the kind that makes me go like, Yeah sure man call you up one of these days and we´ll go out for a beer and stuff.

I don´t call people back anymore, not very often, not for beer and stuff.
I mean, what for, you know.

It´s kind of funny because you are probably gonna jump at that same old assumption that says Wow man, you broke up with your girlfriend and hit the gutters, that was two, three years ago so come on- I dunno.
I just had this sudden realization; I think it was a little later and nothing to do with my ex-girlfriend; it was maybe a few months after that, the two of us (you and I) got together for a pizza before you left for good and I should have kissed you before you entered that taxi. And for no special reason whatsoever other than Hey, what the hell. What are friends for, et. al.
Did you attend those classes I shared with the Fat kid with the scar, by the way? I still got that Pogues CD you gave me; it still has your handwriting etched in pencil on it, only I had your name erased because I was afraid my girlfriend would get jealous (I can hear you now, “you were such a wuss,” etc.)

Yeah I think I was.