Hey zero

What do you mean Less Than Zero (book) was written when the author (Bret Easton Ellis) was only 19 years old?!

I´m 26 and this crappy, half-assed, utterly pointless backwater blog is pretty much the best I can do (well, about 50% of what I can do anyway, as usual).
That said, though, I have neither the inclination or aspiration to become a writer. Ahh, or a novelist. But still c´mon...

If I were to push say, 90% just once in my life- not necessarily in writing but in anything at all- would I make (at least even near) the cut?
The roadmap to my life is written in apathy and ends at a roadblock. In a writer´s block. Spelled out on a blog.

Yeah, that´s it.
Answer to my 26-year old riddle: I´m not lost, I´m apathetic.
Sic transit gloria mundi. Sick transit gloria mundi.

Terrific book, though.